Greek Luxury Villas


This comfortable 2-bedroom villa surrounded by olive trees and Mediterranean herbs is ideal for a family of four or two couples who seek for a quiet retreat to unwind and absorb the clean natural atmosphere without compromising on luxury.

Sleeps: 4    Bedrooms: 2    Starting Price: 390€

This beachfront luxury villa is the perfect choice for unwinding under the warm Aegean sun with peace and quiet that will restore the soul. Villa Alonissos is situated just above the bay of Megali Ammos and the property actually meets one of the many small beaches that skirt the bay. Those longing for a beach holiday can be assured that the clean, crystalline waters of this bay are just steps from your door.

Sleeps: 8    Bedrooms: 4    Starting Price: 995€

Honeymooners or romantic couples will love this luxury villa in Alonissos, Greece. Spend your vacation in your own luxury villa with private pool and total serenity on one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

Sleeps: 2    Bedrooms: 1    Starting Price: 290€

A modern luxury villa with private pool located in a serene spot overlooking the green slopes of Alonissos and the sea in the distance. A great choice for a couple or family with one child seeking a romantic spot to relax and enjoy their holiday.

Sleeps: 3    Bedrooms: 1    Starting Price: 340€

This villa boasts two 'pillars', each housing one bedroom with en-suite bathroom on the upper floor, making it perfect for 2 couples who enjoy spending the days together and appreciate total privacy at night.

Sleeps: 4    Bedrooms: 2    Starting Price: 390€

More About Alonissos

Tradition holds that the Cretans,with the mythical hero Staphylos as their leader, established colonies on Peparithos and on Ikos, in the 16th century B.C.during the Minoan domination of the Aegean Sea.

The Minoan colony later acquired a Mycenean character. The Mycenean city stood on the site today known as Kokkinokastro, on the easter side of the island. However, it is historically ascertained that the Geometric period finds Ikos under the domination of the Dolopes.In time the Dolopes turned in to dangerous pirates and became the scourge of the Aegean. The Athenian navy later on set out to confront them, under the leadership of Cimon, who routed them and annexed all the islands to Athens. Thus, in 476 B.C. the island joins the first Athenian Alliance.