Greek Luxury Villas

Our Philosophy

Besides it's history, mythology and ancient architecture, Greece is famous for the Cycladic islands like Mykonos and Santorini. However, what about the remaining 2000 islands and the total of 14,000 kilometers of coastline? Did you know that Greece has one of the biggest populations of the endangered brown bears and is the habitat of the rare Monachus Monachus Seal, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Lynx, Roe Deer and Wild Goats? Four-fifths of Greece consists of mountains or hills, making the country one of the most mountainous countries in Europe whilst having the tenth longest coastline in the world!
If this is the case, why do we hardly come across accommodation offers to visit those beautiful areas? The answer is simple. There are very few that know of these hidden places, and they are not interested in promoting them as it would only attract mass tourism. Some who have realized the beauty of these places have built unique, secluded villas, usually on large acreage to have their own private retreat to escape from the stressful daily life. knows these owners, allowing you to rent these tranquil villas in the most beautiful locations. This is a unique chance for you to live and experience Greece normally limited to locals.

A luxurious villa in a unique location, so far so good, but how do you get there and what will you do there? Of course we will assist you in this matter, too. On request, we arrange anything from car rental to helicopter transfer, from boat transfer to yacht-charter, on-site massage and wellness treatments to nature walks, excursions, events etc. etc. You name your wish and we try our best to make it happen.

In other words, is a travel agency, right?

No, it is not. We simply know who to get in touch with to make sure that your itinerary becomes a successful experience. You explain your wishes and we help you organize your custom vacation.

Will this service cost me anything?

No, there is no extra charge for the service we provide. You pay the same price whether you book through us or directly with the company.

Who, and what intention is behind

To answer this question, I need to go back in time a little bit. The combination of being a passionate traveller of Greece and a web designer made me travel the country quite a bit. I discovered many amazingly beautiful spots that I had never heard about before. When planning my trips, I often found it difficult to find accommodation on the Internet, thus many of my journeys where into the blue, without having a clue where I would spend the night. Yet it turned out that there was always a decent accommodation, it just wasn't available on the Internet. Many of these places do not need to promote themselves; demand is high enough to cover the whole season. Internet bookings mean international bank transfers, e-mails in all kind of languages, questions like: “Is your beach-front bungalow close to the sea?” and many other inconveniences for the owners. What started as a passion of travelling and writing personal notes about the places I visited, turned into a website to share my passion with like-minded. Due to this website I received plenty of e-mails from people asking me about accommodations, car- or motorcycle rental companies, places to go, things to do, etc. As a result I continued to feed my website with the researched information and, as time went by, the idea of was born. The intention behind is to provide you with a trustworthy partner who is objective and reliable in all matters. We guarantee that the standard of the accommodations we have in our portfolio is according to your expectations, you can be sure that we do everything possible to make your wishes come true and you know that we only co-operate with reliable companies for your service.

Where is all this travel information from the trips you mentioned?

Unfortunately I started off collecting my experiences in German on my private Website Hopefully I will be able to delete this question from this website at some point as I am intending to translate everything and publish it here, too. In the meanwhile I kindly ask you to let me know what you would like to find out more about.