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Antiparos Travel Guide

Antiparos is an island in the island group Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, in the modern eparchy of Naxos, separated by a strait (about 2 km wide at the narrowest point) from the west coast of Paros. From the islands' ancient name "Oliaros" (forested island) we must assume that it was once densely wooded. Today, Antiparos is mainly arid like most Cycladic Islands. Antiparos is an ideal destination for a peaceful and quiet vacation offering beautiful golden beaches and crystal clear waters.

Agios Ioannis Cave

The largest tourist attraction and only remarkable feature in the island of Antiparos is a stalactite cavern on the south coast, which is reached by a narrow passage.

The cave of Antiparos is one of the finest in Greece, crowned by a wonderful array of stalactites and stalagmites, and is a cool escape in the heat of the summer. Located in the sourthern part of the island, there are donkey rides from the main town. In ancient times, the cave was in use, but little information remains. In the entrance, there is a small church dedicated to Agios Ioannis (Saint John), followed by a descent of 400 steps! We then meet a passage and a wonderful number of both stalactites and stalagmites. One of them is 7 meters wide and 8 meters tall, called Agia Trapeza (altar) in honor of the Ambassador of France, who, in 1673, held vigil in front of it.

Further down, many of the original stalactites have been re-built, as they were destroyed by the occupying forces over the years, and at one place there is a sign indicating that the first king of Greece, King Otto, visited the cave, on the 27th September, 1840.

It is not mentioned by ancient writers; there is, however, in the entrance of the cavern an inscription recording the names of visitors in ancient times. The first traveller of modern times whose visit is recorded was the marquis de Nointel (ambassador of Louis XIV to the Porte) who descended it with a numerous suite and held high mass there on Christmas day 1673. Accessible areas of the cavern walls are covered with graffiti, some of them beautifully lettered, recording visitors during the 18th and 19th centuries: these include royalty and other well-known tourists alongside geologists and engineers.

Significant Beaches on Antiparos

There are plenty of beaches on the island, but the biggest one is Psaraliki. There are two beaches called Psaraliki, the first and the second, but the first one is the biggest and that's where all the tourists go swimming. Between the beaches lies "Fanari beach club" and beyond the second lies "Time Marine beach club" There are also other beaches and restaurants on the island, but they are harder to reach, although you can take the bus to them from the port.

Nightlife on Antiparos

The square in Antiparos is the central meeting place, and this is where most of the night clubs and bars are situated.

How to get to Antiparos

To get to Antiparos you must take the ferry from Paros.

Paros has an international Airport receiving flights from many European Countries. There is also a wide range of ferry connections between the Cyclades Islands and the mainland Athens. Fast Ferries also travel daily. Another option is to fly to Mykonos (again an international airport offering many intereuropean flights) and take the fast boat to Paros. The boat trip is just ten minutes from Pounta, a little port on Paros which can be reached by bus or taxi, and about twenty minutes from the main port in Paros, Parikia.

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