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Patmos Travel Guide


One of the smallest inhabited islands of the Aegean, Patmos, is incredibly beautiful. It is the island where Saint John the Theologian, while exiled there, had a vision and in 1995 the 1900 years - since the writing of his Apocalypse (Revelation) - were commemorated.

The impressive stone monastery dominates majestically over most of the island, inviting you to approach it with respect, wonder and awe. The island, which has kept its ancient name, today has become a place of pilgrimage and the throng of faithful flock to supplicate and relish the spiritual heritage of this sacred island and also to admire and enjoy its beauty and serenity.


The picturesque, interchangeable landscape, with the small plains and valleys, the impressive rocks - hoisted like castles on the tops and the slopes of the hills (the most prominent being that of Prophet Elias) - with spreading pine and other tree-forests, along with its religious significance and mysticism, presents a sup generis image.

The island lies between Ikaria, Samos and Leros. It was inhabited since very ancient times and according to legend, it was here that Orestes -who killed his mother Clytemnestra - came to elude the vengeance of the Furies.

The most important attraction naturally will be the fortress-like monastery of St John (tel.:22470 31398), built in 1088 by the monk Christodoulos. Many priceless treasures are housed in its sacristy. Also in Hora, there is an Ecclesiastical Museum.

Halfway between Hora and Skala (the island’s port) there is the "Grotto of the Apocalypse", where the Revelation was envisioned and dictated by John the Evangelist. At the mouth of the cave you will see the church of Aghia Anna and at a short distance from there, the famous Patmias School is located.

At the Patmos shops you find reasonably priced jewelry, ceramic and terracotta, religious items, souvenirs, clothes, porcelain, crystal and silver items. The Patmian embroidery is famous for its elegance. Porcelain is very rare, crystal silver and embroidery cannot be found in Patmos.



Near Skala: Hohlakas (not for swimming), Merikas, Meloi, Aspri and Aghriolivadi (stated below).

The well-facilitated sandy shores: Kambos and Agriolivadi, with its crystal-clear waters.

The most quiet shore: Vaghia, the Lambi beach, with the colourful pebbles, Liginos, Livadi Geranou (probably the best waters on the island), and a little further the Aghios Nikolaos Bay. Among all the beaches the Psili Ammos (fine sand) could be the best (Psili Ammos is on the southernmost part).

The south side of the island offers Grikos, Kalikaltsou and Diakofti.



In Patmos there are many picturesque villages where the visitor can find great hospitality, friendliness and good services.



Medieval town unique in its architecture with white mansions and Aegean styled houses which closely embrace the monastery; it is the attractive point to visitors from all around the world. Chora has its own shops, a lot of restaurants and taverns, bars with atmosphere, and shops. The village is connected with the rest of the island by bus and taxis, with the picturesque ancient path, a twenty minute walk


Skala is the main town and the port. It is full of life night and day. Restaurants, coffee shops, all different sorts of shops, bars, clubs and terraces give another dimension to the nightlife of the island.
Skala is connected to the other places of the island by land, with bus and taxis and by sea with small boats and is the departure point of excursions to quiet beaches and around islets.



A former idyllic fishermen's village, it has nowadays nothing to envy to other tourist place as far as amenities, life and good food are concerned . This year the bay of Grikos was intergrated as one of the most beautiful bays of the world by It is built on a magical bay with a view of the rock of Kalikatsou (Petra). Tradition says it was a place of hermitage. Grikou is 5 km from Scala. There, there is much to enjoy, the beach with sun beds and parasols, but the quiet beaches around too, shaded by trees, where you can relax. You find good food in the taverns and nice water sports. Grikou is connected with all the other place of the island by bus and taxis or by ancient paths, which lead to Chora or Skala.






There is the upper Kambos, where you find the village square, the school, the church and small taverns with a good local food. The biggest and "in" beach of the island, fully equipped is 5.5 km from Scala. It is the fashionable meeting point for Greeks and foreigners and it offers to the visitor the shadow of its trees as well as sun beds which provide you with the required comfort. You can enjoy too water sports essential to those who want to play in the sea and keep fit at the same time.
Kambos is connected with Scala by bus as well as with taxis the whole daylong.


Lower Kambos
One of the first very well equipped beaches of the island, ideal for children and young people. On the beach is the most “in” beach bar of the island. Parasols, sun beds and water sports are available there. Two taverns with Greek traditional food are on the beach, the one with tables and chairs under tamarisk trees on the sand.

Sandy beach with parasols and sun beds, a good place for families.

Agrio Livadi

Agrio Livadi
Beach equipped with sun beds, parasols and water sports. For food, there are two restaurants with Greek food and a nice bar "the skipper bar" for a snack and drink, with good music.

Sun beds, parasols with view of the rock of Kalikatsou. The small marsh of Petra is a place of exceptional natural beauty where, wintertime, swans, herons, and wild ducks migrate for a while.

Beach close to Skala, with quiet and protected water and lots of trees for shade.



Psili Amos



Psili Ammos
It is the most beautiful sandy beach of the island with a good tavern waiting for you. You can take a boat from Scala, at 10.00am which will take you back at 4.00pm to Scala. You can as well go by motorbike or by car, leave it at Diakofti and follow the path for a 40 minute fantastic walk.






Livadi Geranou
Beautiful beach with sand and tamarisks for plenty of shade. There is a small tavern with a fantastic view on the Aegean Sea and the islands all around. In spring, behind the beach, it is full of orchids. You can reach it by taxi and private means of transportation.

Beach with pebbles. This beach has the most beautiful and coloured pebbles of the island. You can go there by taxi and private means of transportation and even by bus, which will stop at Christo and from there it is a 20 minutes walk (The bus stops at kambos beach and from there it is one hour walk). There is a tavern, with the tables less than 10 meters from the water.

Liginos-Twin beaches
Just before Livadi Geranou Beach are two identical beaches with sand and crystal clear waters. A canteen is nearby for the essentials.


Beach with pebbles and very clean, cold and refreshing water. There is a cafeteria with a fantastic view just a few minutes from the sea. You can only get there with your own means of transport.


To the end of the road 3 km after Livadi Geranou (not that good).

Pebbled beach and on the road you will find a restaurant (only for the night). On the road to Grikos, it's reachable through all means but it is only a 30 minute walk from Skala.

Big Mercini
Situated at Aghios Nicholas of Evdilos.

It is a beach close to Scala.

Under the convent of Annunciation.

Livadi Kalogiron
Beautiful beach with a small canteen for first necessities.

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